We have a flexible approach to deliveries, with a variety of options to suit the diverse spectrum of our customers' needs. It is a priority for us to ensure that our costumers are provided with the most cost-effective form of delivery. We are happy to discuss this directly by email or phone.

  • If you are moving abroad from Norway, we can ship your order directly to your moving company. 
  • For large orders, including food orders, delivery by air freight is usually the more economical option. 
  • If preferable, we can ship orders to an address in Norway. It will then become the responsibility of the costumer to organise VAT (MVA) exemption upon exiting the country. This option requires that you have a home address in the country of destination. Remember to return authorised customs papers to Norway Abroad. 
  • We also have good rates with package delivery services such as UPS.

Note that we are not able to cover any fees or customs charges imposed in the country of destination. Our ability to advise on this matter is limited, so we encourage our costumers to research such charges in advance.